Life as a Locksmith

Ola, amigos!

If I haven't' shared it with you already, I am a locksmith y profession. What does that mean? I have the task of breaking open your locks, professionally bumping your door locks, duplicating your keys and lots more as part of my job.

As I work as a Locksmith Roseville, Califorina, I have a license to operate as a locksmith in the state of California. Yes, you cannot work as a locksmith in California without taking the license permit for locksmithing in the state.

It isn't very difficult for us. All that you need to do is apply for the license as a business license. Simple. It does make life of other a lot safer. Being registered and licensed, you have a certain level of check on unlicensed and unprofessional locksmiths.

Most of my jobs are rekeying locks or entire houses. People want to change the key to the property without replacing the locks. It is advisable when the key is broken. When it is lost in the neighbourhood, I suggest to replace the lock for the best security and safeguard against any possible chance of someone getting access to your keys.

It's a hard work as a locksmith. I often end up using force and heavy hammers to fix a rusty old lock that won't open. Or, maybe, a kid just threw away the old keys to the rusty trunk that has been in the family for a long time.

I also have to do a lot of travelling. Every call must be attended to as it can be professionally damaging to leave a prospecting customer harassed with a locksmith service that is unavailable at the time of emergency. It ruins your reputation as a locksmith. So, my shop has one attendant all the time to take all inquiries and dispatch a locksmith to the site urgently.

Here is a video that I found on the Internet. It will give you a good look into the life of a locksmith like me.