Amigos! Here's a quick tip for locksmiths & other house service providers

Ola! Do you work as a locksmith or provide house maintenance services such as plumbing? Google has a great service to help you find quality customers with ease.

Home Services on Google

You might have found the suggestions in Google search at the top. If you've searched for a locksmith, plumber, cleaning service, handyman, painter, garage door, or HVAC, you might have come across Home Services—a new way to advertising option by Google for qualified service professionals.

Currently the service is limited to certain areas in California. So, if you are locksmith in San Diego, you must have seen this ad. Your customers must have seen it for sure.

Why is it of any concern for you as a service provider? 

This new ad allows service providers to feature at the top and also show a Google trust badge to the potential customers. All services are guaranteed by Google, which means more trust value. This allows you to easily attract the customer who is not very confident about your services. Now, there is Google to guarantee that you will do the work professionally or the money will be refunded.

I intent to use this service myself. I am sharing it with you so that you too get to benefit from it. Best of luck!

Life as a Locksmith

Ola, amigos!

If I haven't' shared it with you already, I am a locksmith y profession. What does that mean? I have the task of breaking open your locks, professionally bumping your door locks, duplicating your keys and lots more as part of my job.

As I work as a Locksmith Roseville, Califorina, I have a license to operate as a locksmith in the state of California. Yes, you cannot work as a locksmith in California without taking the license permit for locksmithing in the state.

It isn't very difficult for us. All that you need to do is apply for the license as a business license. Simple. It does make life of other a lot safer. Being registered and licensed, you have a certain level of check on unlicensed and unprofessional locksmiths.

Most of my jobs are rekeying locks or entire houses. People want to change the key to the property without replacing the locks. It is advisable when the key is broken. When it is lost in the neighbourhood, I suggest to replace the lock for the best security and safeguard against any possible chance of someone getting access to your keys.

It's a hard work as a locksmith. I often end up using force and heavy hammers to fix a rusty old lock that won't open. Or, maybe, a kid just threw away the old keys to the rusty trunk that has been in the family for a long time.

I also have to do a lot of travelling. Every call must be attended to as it can be professionally damaging to leave a prospecting customer harassed with a locksmith service that is unavailable at the time of emergency. It ruins your reputation as a locksmith. So, my shop has one attendant all the time to take all inquiries and dispatch a locksmith to the site urgently.

Here is a video that I found on the Internet. It will give you a good look into the life of a locksmith like me.


Ola, Amigos!

Ola! Welcome to this awesome place called The Orange State -- Estado Naranja.

Estado Naranja

Estado Naranja ~ The Orange State

I am a one-man army with multiple roles -- locksmith, music and lover of life. I play the flute in my spare time and occasionally entertain small crowds with my music. I am not great, but not that bad either. So people tend to enjoy my flute.

During the day, I don the role of a locksmith in Roseville, California, US. If yo ever need any help with your lock and key troubles, don't hesitate calling me for 24x7 assistance in Roseville.

Interestingly, Naranja is also a census-designated place in Miami-Dade County, Florida, US. Why is it called Naranja? Many orange groves were once located here.

Do not confuse this as Estado Naranja, the music band, either.

Let's start the journey!